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The Bridge to Forgiveness Karyn D. Kedar with a poem about the spiritual path of forgiveness.
The Prayer of Saint Francis Leonardo Boff's meditation on Saint Francis's prayer about forgiveness.
Christ's Passion, Our Passions Turns our thoughts to the meaning of forgiveness, yearning, suffering, and living for God.
Christ's Passion, Our Passions Margaret Bullitt-Jonas's meditation on forgiveness in Jesus' words from the cross.
Forgiveness Wise observations on this essential spiritual practice.
Forgive for Good New techniques for implementing this important spiritual practice.
Feed My Shepherds An invaluable volume for spiritual directors and church resource centers.
How Can I Forgive You? Janis Abrahms Spring on forgiveness as acceptance.
Calm Surrender A helpful and healing work that sees this spiritual practice as love put into action.
Morning Notes Hugh Prather on the positive benefits and rewards of the spiritual practice of forgiveness.