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I Didn't Do It! A children's book about learning how to leave lying behind and start telling the truth
I'm Sorry, Grover A touching children's picture book centered around Rosh Hashanah and saying I'm sorry.
A Little Book on Forgiveness A short and pensive examination of forgiveness.
God's Tender Mercy A short but profoundly prophetic assessment of forgiveness and other essentials of the Christian path.
Forgiveness Probes the spiritual practice of forgiveness in creative, constructive, and illuminating ways.
The Bridge to Forgiveness A variety of resources on the many different meanings of forgiveness.
Forgive & Forget A watershed work on a subject that looms large in our private and public lives.
How Can I Forgive You? A wise self-help book on the nuances of this difficult subject in interpersonal relationships.
Celebrating Jesus Christ in Africa Demonstrates how the church can adapt significant cultural traditions for its own purposes.
Feed My Shepherds An invaluable volume for spiritual directors and church resource centers.