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Lent E-Courses Available On-Demand E-Courses formatted for the Lenten season on ways to practice devotion, faith, forgiveness, peace, and wonder.
Mystical Hope Today A quest to discover the mysterious, replenishing hope already available to us.
Defusing Anger Ways to understand and work with your own and other people's anger.
Moving Beyond Life's Hurts A guided journey in healing painful memories and relationships.
Mastering the Art of Resilience Guidance for coping with and rebounding from adversity in a wide variety of situations.
Exploring Gilead Themes and practices for Marilynne Summers Robinson's novel that credibly models the better nature we all have the ability to access.
Promises of the Heart The centrality in all traditions of a metaphor that calls us to prayer, reconciliation, joy, and service.
The Spiritual Legacy of Reb Zalman An exploration of the life and thought of the grandfather of the Jewish Renewal movement.
Beauty and Wisdom in the Qur'an An e-course on timeless insights and practices gleaned from reflections on verses of the Qur’an.
Journey into Mercy An e-course flowing from the 2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis.