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Tyrannosaur A grim and focused anatomy of anger carried into our hearts and minds by two intense performances by Peter Mullan and Olivia Coleman.
Stone An engrossing drama about the difficulty people have believing in forgiveness or in turning one's life around.
Get Low A telling and moving depiction of the difficulty of forgiving ourselves.
Beyond Hatred Celebrates a cathartic act of forgiveness and reconciliation by a grieving family whose gay son was brutally murdered.
Global Spirit - Forgiveness and Healing A discussion about the challenges of forgiveness in a society where revenge and payback predominate.
The Straight Story An inspiring movie about a man's deep spiritual yearning to reconcile with his brother.
He Got Game You can be sitting on top of the world but if your heart is weighed down with hate, you're going to be one sorry, sad, soul for a very long time.
Cry, the Beloved Country An eloquent and moving screen interpretation of Alan Paton's classic 1948 novel set in South Africa dealing with the transforming power of forgiveness.
Quiz Show A prime example of a well-done movie about ethics.
The Story of Jacob and Joseph Complicated human beings grappling with all the emotions, anxieties, and failures that fill our own days and deeds.