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Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine A compelling Iranian film about the mini-deaths that can be rehearsals for the great performance at the end of life.
The Claim A lively morality tale about the dire consequences of greed and selfishness, set in California's Sierra Nevada region 20 years after the Gold Rush of 1849.
Amadeus An Academy Award winning film about a composer in the Austrian court whose life and career are derailed by resentment over the talent and success of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Josie and the Pussycats A satire about the music industry and product placements aimed at kids.
Utz An offbeat drama, based on a novel by Bruce Chatwin, that explores the dehumanizing effects of obsession.
Our Daily Bread A thought-provoking documentary that gives us new appreciation of the time and hard labor behind the creation, packaging, and delivery of our food.
The Color of Paradise A convincing spiritual parable about the bounties of grace and the emptiness of life not filled with gratitude to God.
It Could Happen to You An adult fairy tale that will make you feel giddy and glad to be alive.
Gift A documentary showing how art keeps moving in circles of sharing, giving, and generosity.
Amadeus Discussion Guide to the movie "Amadeus". Recommended for use by individuals and groups interested in spirituality and film.