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Songs about Hope A collection of videos celebrating this potent practice.
Art as Therapy A radical reinterpretation of art that makes it more relevant to everyday life and the questions of meaning and purpose.
Reach Up A melodic, soul-stirring, and high-energy CD that is designed to be used as a soundtrack for your spiritual journey.
Transitions Melodic and inspiring music to stir the soul during the many transitions of life.
Songs by Pete Seeger A collection of some of our favorite songs by this remarkable folk singer.
"One People" - Lyrics A song that affirms the yearning for peace and unity.
George Caleb Bingham's Election Series Three paintings depicting scenes of the American political process.
A People's Art History of the United States An illustrated guide to all the ways artists have contributed to the culture of resistance.
The Rising The Rising by Bruce Springsteen is a soulful album forged out of this rock singer/songwriter's deluge of feelings flowing from the tragedy and thetrauma of September 11.
Music of Unity and Peace Sung prayers recorded to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ecumenical community.