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The Myth of Religious Superiority Seventeen essays by religious scholars defending pluralism and spiritual hospitality.
Celebrating the Third Place Pays tribute to local hangouts across America dedicated to the fine arts of hospitality and conviviality.
Hospitality An overview of the central importance of hospitality in the art of spiritual direction.
The Common Heart Ideas and ideals from 20 years of interreligious dialogue at Snowmass Conferences.
Bede Griffiths A focus on the legacies of this Benedictine monk who pointed the way into the future with his practices and ideas on multifaith experiences.
Beside Still Waters A watershed work in the increasingly important new field of multifaith studies.
The Lost Sutras of Jesus A fine and fetching lure to more multifaith adventures.
Jesus and Muhammad A bridge-building paperback showing the commonality between these two spiritual seers and prophets.
Making Room Examines some of the limits, boundaries, and temptations of trying to transcend societal differences.
Merton and Sufism An examination of Merton's interest and attraction to this mystical path.