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Lost Boys of Sudan An excellent documentary about the struggles of two African youth to adapt to their new life in America.
Code Unknown A morally provocative film about how hate manifests in the lives of some ordinary people in Paris.
Western This richly satisfying French movie takes the archetypal road story into some uncharted territory.
Soul Food An African American drama about the importance of ritual in holding families together.
Antonia's Line A wonderfully eccentric film about the high value of feminine friendship, independence, intuition, and the spiritual practice of hospitality.
The Man Who Fell To Earth A sci-fi classic that challenges us to understand ourselves and our world from another perspective.
Pushing Tin A discussion guide to the movie "Pushing Tin" directed by Mike Newell. Recommended for people interested in finding spirituality at the movies.
The Chateau A funny cross-cultural comedy about the adventures of two American brothers in France where they've inherited an ancient mansion filled with history.
Snow in August An enchanting tale set in Brooklyn in 1947 that explores the friendship between an eleven-year-old Irish Catholic boy and a Polish rabbi.
The Color of Friendship Examines the efforts of an African American teenager and a white exchange student from South Africa to dismantle the walls of hate and misunderstanding that separate them.