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Community Resources to remind us of the importance of community and to help us build it wisely.
Diversity Resources to help you celebrate diversity and forge relationships over differences.
Progressive Christian Spirituality A roundup of our content on the emerging trend of progressive Christianity.
Civility Practices, articles, books, excerpts, quotes, and more about what it means to be civil and how to develop this essential quality.
Respect Articles, books, prayers, spiritual practices, and other resources on the multi-faceted spiritual practice of respect.
Empathy Practices, articles, books, excerpts, quotes, and more about understanding and sharing the feelings of others.
Conversations An array of resources to deepen your understanding of the art of conversation.
Enemies Explorations into the use of kindness, hospitality, openness, and compassion in our relationships with enemies.
Monasticism Books and movies about the life of monks, nuns, and lay people living a contemplative life in a monastic setting.
Teaching Quotes from Parker Palmer's The Courage to Teach and links to 18 movies about teachers.