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The Art of Mulan A primer on the movie that promotes cross-cultural learning.
Humans A collection of photographs with comments by the subjects that reveal the global human spirit.
The Artist's Rule A creative and edifying combination of practices to nurture creativity, contemplation, and monastic wisdom.
How Artists See A portable museum of art that engages the senses and stimulates the imagination.
Humans of New York Beautiful photography book that challenges us to listen to the stories of others and open our hearts and minds to urban dwellers.
Scott Mutter's Church Aisle A photomontage to shake up your notions of God and church
Awakening the Creative Spirit An exploration of the important role the arts can play in spiritual direction.
Ken Kiff's Man Greeting Woman A painting of an encounter between a man and a woman that conveys the joyful and playful spiritual practice of openness
Mark Tobey's Broadway A lively and luminous painting that is a tribute to New York City.
The Practice of Contemplative Photography Observations on a new way of seeing and experiencing the world through photography.