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Opening to Bliss Soothing and healing music for meditation, massage, or yoga.
Through a Dog's Ear An unusual and practical CD put together by a psychoacoustic expert, a concert pianist, and a veterinary neurologist.
Shakuhachi Sleep Music Good medicine for sleep-deprived people.
Music for the Mindful Brain A collection of six CDs of music and sounds to transform the mind and deepen meditation.
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing A relaxing CD with five soothing suites of music created with crystal singing bowls.
One People Devotional music and ballads from the popular Jewish singer/songwriter.
Prayer for the Morning Headlines Poems and photographs to use as you ponder the sanctity of life and death.
Coming Home An exquisite debut album by an Israeli guitarist and an American singer consisting of Hebrew chants that touch the heart.
The Wheel of Time Sand Mandala An erudite overview of sand mandalas as a devotional practice in Tibetan Buddhism.
Blessed by Light A beautiful celebration of the inward exploration and the outward expression of Divine Light.