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Bloody Sunday A documentary-like account of the cold-blooded murder by English soldiers of thirteen unarmed and peaceful demonstrators in a nonviolent march in Derry, Ireland in 1972.
Pray the Devil Back to Hell The stirring account of Liberian women who as creative and nonviolent activists brought peace to their country in 2003.
Rocks in My Pockets A wild and weird animated feature about a Latvian grandmother who passes on her depression to others in the family circle.
Budrus An honest account of a landmark 2003 nonviolent protest movement in small Palestinian town against Israel's Separation Barrier.
Michael Collins Makes it clear that it is far easier to be a terrorist than to be an emissary of peace.
Battle for Terra A sci-fi computer animated film about some nasty invaders and a resourceful teenage girl.
Mediterraneo Shows how easily men give up the rigors of war for the delights of relaxation and camaraderie.
The Gatekeepers A controversial documentary where former heads of Israel's security agency explain their take on the war against terrorism.
Short Circuit A very entertaining sci-fi drama about the adventures of an escaped robot on the loose.
In a Better World A poignant drama about the universal appeal of violence in our psyches and in cultures around the globe.