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You Don't Need Feet to Dance An inspiring documentary about a disabled West African drummer whose music and dancing enable him to transcend his woes.
Coach Carter An inspirational film about a high school coach who has the gall to suggest that athletes must make their mark in the classroom as well as on the basketball court.
Les Choristes A heart-warming French film about a kind and gifted music teacher who makes a difference in the lives of his students in a boy's reformatory.
Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban A convincing exploration of the essential challenges of adolescence when one is tossed and turned by doubts about self and others and exhilarated by fantastic energy and derring do.
The Fighting Temptations An entertaining comedy carried by its rousing Gospel choir numbers about the internal makeover of a selfish liar who finds community just when he needs it most.
Blackboards An engrossing Iranian film about two itinerant teachers and some lost and desolate people they encounter in a mountainous region where war has savaged the lives and liberties of the poor and the dispo…
To Be and To Have A wonderful French documentary about a diligent teacher in a one-room classroom who revels in those magical moments when learning yields insight and delight.
To Live A sober view of Chinese life where the destinies of individuals are determined by forces beyond their control.
Ciao, Professore! A diligent northern Italian school teacher and his attempts to do his job well.
Conrack An unusually human movie about the real meaning of education, communication, and a full, rich vision of life.