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The Way of Wisdom Margaret Silf on appreciating and honoring the mysteries of all things.
The Optimystic's Handbook Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain on how security can take us away from our real purpose.
Sufi Talks Robert Frager on using the phrase "Only God Knows" as a firewall against the ego.
News of the Universe A soul-stirring collection of poems.
Inner Christianity An overview of this path's psychological riches, beliefs, and practices.
How to Harness Your Psychic Power Ideas on ways to deepen and broaden our psychic abilities.
The Essential Kabbalah An edifying and inspiring survey of this mystical path.
Christian Mysticism Explores a bold and energetic vision of this path.
Wrestling with the Prophets 15 essays on the sources of renewal for Christianity.
Daily Readings with a Modern Mystic Offers a generous, broad, and soul-stirring sampler of her thought.