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Robert A. Johnson in Balancing Heaven and Earth Ripe enough to experience the deepest mysteries.
Thoughts without a Thinker Mark Epstein with a teaching story on the mystery of death and impermanence.
Global Spirit - The Mystical Experience Three experts from different religious traditions contemplate the path of achieving “direct contact” with the Divine.
Mystical Christianity An intriguing and enlightening interpretation of the fourth gospel.
Viewer's Guide on X - The Mystery Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
X – The Mystery A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of x - the mystery.
An Interview with Julie Bertuccelli The director talks about her new film The Tree.
Kabbalah A lyrical and pensive interpretation of the way of the Jewish mystic.
Embracing Mystery How to make acceptance of mystery a spiritual practice; the first step, let God be God.
Donna Schaper in Alone But Not Lonely Our incompleteness