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Living with Uncertainty Reminders and tools that help you make room for anything to happen.
Lent with the Mystics (February 14 - March 27) An exploration of the great themes of Lent through the lens primarily (but not exclusively) of the Christian mystics.
Myth and Psyche On-Demand: E-course on how myths are the powerful mysteries that infuse and shape our lives.
The Mystery of Death An exploration for these pandemic times of a mystical text that restores the big picture around death.
Revelations of 12 Master Artists How paintings speak to our perceptions of self, vision, and meaning.
Wisdom of the Christian Mystics A celebration of some of the women and men who have explored the Mystery of life.
The Way of the Spiritually Independent An email retreat for the growing number of seekers without borders drawn to wisdom wherever it may be found.
Poetry and Prayer from the Celtic Tradition Wisdom and lore from the Celts for every seeker.
Poetry to Renew Your Heart Poems exploring the secret of life that leads to renewal.
A Universal Christmas Embracing the wonder and magic of the Christmas spirit.