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The United States of Leland A richly philosophical drama about the many forms of sadness and loss that drain the meaning out of so many people's lives.
Simon Magus A lyrical tribute to the mysteriousness of life and death, set in a Polish village in the nineteenth century.
Lost Highway Continues David Lynch's efforts to make us connoisseurs of mystery rather than robots of reason.
Eyewitness A thoroughly engrossing thriller.
Time After Time An inventive comedy-mystery.
Last Embrace Directed by Jonathan Demme, packs a real wallop of suspense.
Winter Kills Boasts some exceptional acting by John Huston, Anthony Perkins, and Dorothy Malone.
Nosferatu, The Vampyre Explores the Dracula legend in a way that is both serious and seductive.
3 Women An intriguing film by Robert Altman that resides in the netherworld between dreaming and waking.
An Interview with Julie Bertuccelli The director talks about her new film The Tree.