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The Monastic Heart A commentary on the chapter in the Rule of Benedict spelling out the difference between fanaticism and good zeal.
Thrift The philosophy and advice of John Wesley, founder on Methodism, on good stewardship of money.
The Compassionate Universe On Gandhi as a moral exemplar of selfless service to others.
How Can We Keep from Singing Joan Oliver Goldsmith with a salute to the feeling of magic and zeal when singing Mozart's Requeim.
Salvation A biography of the patron saint of animals and ecologists.
When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough Reaps the wisdom of Ecclesiastes on zeal, signifying living life full tilt.
The Tibetan Art of Living A holistic healing tradition based on energy and dynamic balance.
Crazy Horse A terse and enlightening biography of the legendary Sioux warrior.
In Search of the Divine Mother Raises all the right questions about the dangers of spiritual zealotry.
To Life! A salutary primer on Judaism.