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Blessed Is the Match A documentary that pays tribute to an idealistic woman who sacrifices her life while trying to rescue Jews in Hungary during World War II.
Veronica Guerin Depicts the efforts of a crusading journalist in Dublin who does the right thing for the wrong reasons as she tries single-handedly to bring down the city's drug trade.
Monsoon Wedding A captivating film that conveys the joy, sadness, fear, envy, and resentment that often come to the surface at weddings.
The Lady and the Duke An involving drama about one woman's stand in the midst of the French Revolution.
The Art of Amalia A documentary about the Portuguese singer known for her vocal interpretations of fado -- a melancholic lament exploring the mysteries of life and death.
Committed Challenges us to ponder the importance of promises, the power of love, the difficulty of keeping faith with one another, and the long, hard road of zeal.
Elizabeth A well-done drama about power politics and the cult of personality.
Prefontaine Affecting drama about an Oregon runner who discovers that there is something more fulfilling and lasting than Olympic gold.
Brassed Off A stirring film about losing your job and reclaiming your soul.
Gorillas in the Mist An inspired performance by Sigourney Weaver as a woman who launches a crusade to save gorillas in Africa.