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When True Simplicity Is Gained A call to cherish and explore the vibrant simplicities of faith, grace, and community.
Bamboo Baskets A celebration of the natural world's beauty captured in exquisite crafts.
Wabi Sabi An elegantly rendered appreciation of this Zen practice of beauty and simplicity.
Zen Cat Quotations matched to pictures of cats and kittens.
Inspired Design A visually sumptuous tribute to the beauty of Japanese traditional arts.
Listen to the Landscape An exquisite wedding of hand-colored photographs of the natural world and elegant haiku.
Perfect Intimacy A fascinating photographic overview of the cloistered life at Carmelite monasteries.
The Tao of the Cross, The Oxherding Parable, and the Unkillable Human Reflections on what Christian mystics call the Christ within and Buddhists call your Original Face.
Effortless Beauty A heartfelt guidebook to contemplative photography filled with attention, simplicity, stillness, and fresh perception.
The Practice of Contemplative Photography Observations on a new way of seeing and experiencing the world through photography.