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Mountains May Depart An ambitious film about three critical times in the life of a Chinese woman, mirroring changes in modern China.
The Tao of Steve A fresh romantic comedy about a Lothario whose Taoist philosophy enables him to change his chauvinist ways once he meets the right woman.
The World A visually creative and multidimensional exploration of the alienation and ennui of provincial workers in a theme park outside Beijing.
The Intouchables A playful and compassionate French film about an unconventional caregiver and the quadriplegic man he looks after.
Glassland A moving drama that reveals the struggles of a compassionate caregiver at the end of his rope.
My Love, Don't Cross That River An emotionally jubilant celebration of marital love.
The Theory of Everything Touching story about a couple able to weather many challenges thanks to their partnership approach to marriage.
Marriage Story Portrait of an unsatisfying marriage and a messy and sad divorce.
Monogamish A documentary about the quest for love in monogamy and other options.
Being in the World A bright and thought-provoking examination of philosophy and the authenticity of those who have passionately immersed themselves in life.