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The Rumi Collection A treasure trove of spiritual gems that will delight avid Rumi fans and extend his audience even more among the uninitiated.
The Knowing Heart An exquisite overview of Sufism and all its resources.
Love's Ripening New translations of poems by Rumi about love and the opening and softening of the heart.
Living Presence A masterful primer on the education of the soul and the inner work of transformation.
Holistic Islam A fresh understanding of Sufism as offering a spirituality adequate to our times with its purpose of drawing near as a friend of God.
The Book of Character An anthology of readings mostly on Islamic character and virtues
Women of Sufism Reveals the depth and the breadth of spiritual riches within this capacious tradition.
Love Is a Stranger A rousing and enlightening collection of 44 poems by Rumi
The Beliefnet Guide to Islam An overview of Islam: its history, the five pillars, the importance of the Prophet Muhammed, and issues related to freedom, jihad, and gender.
Jewels of Remembrance A rich and highly devotional daybook that tutors us in the Sufi path.