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Songs of Tara Mantras, chants, and praises to Tara, mother of all the Buddhas.
Coming Home An exquisite debut album by an Israeli guitarist and an American singer consisting of Hebrew chants that touch the heart.
The Wheel of Time Sand Mandala An erudite overview of sand mandalas as a devotional practice in Tibetan Buddhism.
When True Simplicity Is Gained A call to cherish and explore the vibrant simplicities of faith, grace, and community.
Perfect Intimacy A fascinating photographic overview of the cloistered life at Carmelite monasteries.
Samye A stunning collection of 150 original color photographs of this sacred site.
Encounters with God Soulful meditations on eight ancient icons spiritually infused with beauty and beckoning us to prayer.
Eyes of the Heart Insights and practices on photography as a Christian way of seeing.
The Mystery of Love An enlightened commentary on the sacred meaning of 39 creations.
A Brush with God A one-step guide to icon painting from an accomplished American iconographer.