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Centuries of Holiness Richard Valantasis on the importance of including playfulness in structuring a spiritual manner of living.
Centuries of Holiness An ambitious and soul-stretching collection of 100 essays relating the early wisdom of the Eastern Church to the complexities of the postmodern world.
Hidden Holiness Calls for a reframing of saints from seeing them as celebrities to knowing them as ordinary people being holy in a variety of new and interesting ways.
Soulsong A poignant paperback on holiness as elucidate in many different religions and spelled out in the lives of the saints and bodhisattvas among us.
Everyday Holiness Presents a sturdy and substantive spiritual curriculum that nourishes the soul and provides of plethora of practices to try every day.
Rejoice and Be Glad An affirmation of holiness in everyday life.
Hidden Holiness Michael Plekton on reviving monasticism by liquidating the institution and living in the world always always being simple, light, and joyous.
Political Holiness A cogent and inspirational theological work.
Anthony de Mello Anthony De Mello looking at practices not for technique, but the holiness inspired (in a book edited by William Dych).