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True Nature A salute to the spiritual practices of attention and wonder.
Inspired Design A visually sumptuous tribute to the beauty of Japanese traditional arts.
Albrecht Dürer's The Great Piece of Turf An opportunity to sense the magnificence of life in a wayside clump of vegetation.
"I May Never Understand" - Lyrics A song about the spiritual practice of mystery.
"God Is the Sun, God Is the Moon" - Lyrics A song that calls for the spiritual practice of vision — seeing the Divine in all things.
In the Key of Earth Healing sonic and acoustic music that connects us to the rhythms of the Earth.
Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy Another creative documentary adventure with the environmental artist.
Peter Paul Rubens' The Rainbow Landscape A lovely painting that tutors us in the art of immersion, wonder, and beauty.
Liturgy and the Arts A good primer on a salutary alliance that far too often is underemphasized in Christian circles.
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing A relaxing CD with five soothing suites of music created with crystal singing bowls.