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Anneke Kaai's Grace An abstract painting that reveals an awesome outpouring of grace.
Songs by Leonard Cohen A collection of the prophetic and spiritual songs by the singer/songwriter.
Interpretations of Vincent Van Gogh's A Pair of Shoes A philosopher, the painter, and we reflect on the meanings conveyed through a painting of old shoes.
Password Ancient Hindu mantras sung beautifully by Deva Premal.
Everything Changes Songs conveying the spiritual meanings of change and resting in the riddle of not knowing.
Songs and Meditations about Gratitude A collection of videos to nurture this key spiritual practice.
Songs about Joy What celebration is complete without joyful music? Here's a selection to get you started.
An Art Meditation for 9/11 Spiritual master and artist Frederick Franck's reflections on how he created his "Pieta for Darfur & Iraq" and a story about his paintings "After 9/11" and "Solstice".
Leap An exploration of Hieronymus Bosch's painting Garden of Delights as a catalyst to faith as a Mormon.
Judy Malloy A questing tale with Celtic music and singing that celebrates inner wisdom and the Sacred Feminine.