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The Gift of Years Joan Chittister on the challenges and blessings of old age in America today.
Minding the Body, Mending the Mind Joan Borysenko on minding the body and mending the mind to be happy and optimize your physical function.
When the Past Is Present David Richo on dealing with regrets in a way to become grateful.
Love as a Way of Life Gary Chapman on various unkindnesses and courtesy.
Yoga Morality Georg Feuerstein on being committed to practicing yoga morality and living a transformative life.
Life Is Sweet Addie Johnson on how creativity can transform and change us.
As We Knew Him Michael Moran and Ann Overton on M. Basil Pennington suggestions for devotion through a Rule of Life.
Grace on the Go Barbara Bartocci's one-minute prayers for devotion.
The Wise Heart Jack Kornfield with a meditation on seeing the secret goodness in other people.
In the Beginning Karen Armstrong on the meaning of Genesis.