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'71 A riveting film about a British solder adrift in 1971 Belfast, a dangerous war zone filled with zealous partisans of all types.
A Master Builder A soul-stirring screen adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's brilliant play about pride, ruthlessness, erotic power, and loss.
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby A powerful film with fresh insights into love, loss, marriage, and family life.
Love Is Strange A moving drama about an aging gay couple forced to improvise when their life together in love is put in jeopardy.
Calvary An impressive morality play about an Irish Catholic priest forced to suffer for the sins of others.
Fifi Howls From Happiness A documentary about an arrogant and weird Iranian artist living in exile in Rome.
The One I Love A remarkable, creative, and thought-provoking drama about treasuring love and sustaining marriage.
My Old Lady A well-acted psychological drama revolving around a homeless American, an aged bohemian, and her angry daughter.
The Trip to Italy More very funny impersonations from Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan.
Happy Christmas An appealing comedy filled with authentic everyday life scenes revolving around marriage and siblings.