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We Are the Best!
Three female teenagers trying to stick together in a world that is stacked against them in Stockholm, circa 1982.
Burning Bush
A sobering look at the battle between Soviet military overlords and a band of courageous freedom fighters.
On My Way
A delightful dramedy and road movie with Catherine Deneuve at her best.
For A Woman
A historical drama pieced together when two sisters discover things they didn't know about their parents' life in post-World War II France.
Camille Claudel 1915
An eerie and austere film charting the nightmarish response of the French sculptress to her imprisonment in an asylum.
Under the Rainbow (Au bout du conte)
A delightful French dramedy about the continuing quest for an intimate, lasting relationship.
Love Battles (Mes séances de lutte)
A French film about a couple unaware of kiss and make up, who try more violent strategies to bridge their differences.
His Wife (Son epouse)
A complex spiritual and psychological drama set in France and India where two married couples struggle with mysteries they cannot comprehend or control.
Blue Is the Warmest Color
A well-acted story about the explosive firepower of sexual desire as a tricky force that can bring both gratification and frustration, pleasure and pain.
The spiritual journey of a Palestinian teenager from a refugee camp in Beirut in 1982 and an Israeli pilot captured by the PLO.