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White Material
A vivid depiction of the barbarity, violence, and madness of African civil wars.
Lemon Tree (Etz Limon)
An important movie about the healing power of empathy in the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Il Divo
An operatic drama about a power-hungry Italian politician and his nefarious cronies.
A visually stunning coming-of-age drama set in the vast barrenness of southern Kazakhstan's Hunger Steppe.
A visual valentine to Paris and an enchanting dramady about a group of strangers whose lives mysteriously interconnect.
Parque Via
A quiet portrayal of the pleasures of solitude that come with being the dedicated caretaker of a luxurious house in Mexico City.
A convincing portrayal of the plight of the Guarani Indians of Brazil as they struggle to survive amidst poverty and displacement from their forest home.
Mid-August Lunch
A thoroughly delightful Italian film about a nurturing man who finds his caregiving responsibilities greatly expanded during a summer holiday.
Treeless Mountain
A wonder-inducing drama about a six-year-old Korean girl who takes on adult responsibilities when she and her little sister are abandoned.
A Russian film about a selfish trucker and his rebellious teenage daughter who try to become a family after years apart from each other.