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Human Capital
A vivid portrait of the decadence of the wealthy.
A bold parabolic film about the arrival in Palestine of Jewish refugees from Europe on the eve of the creation of the state of Israel; it depicts the suffering and violence of both the newcomers and the displaced Arabs.
A heart-affecting story of the reality so many children face when they have to grow up without parents.
The High Sun
Three tales about love and life in the Balkins experienced through the distorting lens of ethnic hatred, anger, and revenge.
The Drummer
The transformation of a rebellious youth as he adapts to discipline, practice, and the rigors of communal living with a Zen drumming troupe in Taiwan.
The quest of a classical ballerina to express herself through modern dance.
Troubled Water
A poignant film enabling us to empathize with both an ex-con struggling to make a new life for himself and the mother of the boy he was convicted of murdering.
A superb Chilean film about the quest of two middle-aged divorcees for lasting love.
The Father of My Children
An intelligent and beautifully acted French film about work, death, grief, and finding one's way back to life.
Dekalog: Three
A drama about the challenge and responsibility of making the Sabbath holy.