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A spiritually powerful critique of Islamic fundamentalism and the havoc it causes in Timbuktu in 2012.
A heart-affecting story of the reality so many children face when they have to grow up without parents.
Story of Women
The gripping story of a a poverty stricken working-class housewife who becomes an abortionist.
The Drummer
The transformation of a rebellious youth as he adapts to discipline, practice, and the rigors of communal living with a Zen drumming troupe in Taiwan.
The Kind Words
A heart-affecting Israeli drama that emboldens us to embrace mystery when it comes into our lives.
Troubled Water
A poignant film enabling us to empathize with both an ex-con struggling to make a new life for himself and the mother of the boy he was convicted of murdering.
A Song for Martin
An extraordinary Swedish film about a married couple's adventures in love late in life.
The Father of My Children
An intelligent and beautifully acted French film about work, death, grief, and finding one's way back to life.
Paulo Coelho's Best Story
A biopicture charting one man's painful and then rewarding mission to become a writer.
Mademoiselle Chambon
An exquisite French film about an extramarital romance which opens two lovers to fresh territory inside themselves they have never explored before.