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Monet A gorgeous volume of photos of the artist Claude Monet and his paintings of his exquisite gardens.
The Path Toward Beauty An erudite survey of beauty in art through the ages.
Heaven and Earth Are Flowers A lyrical celebration of the art of Ikebana and its subtle messages about beauty, balance, and impermanence.
The Wheel of Time Sand Mandala An erudite overview of sand mandalas as a devotional practice in Tibetan Buddhism.
Notes on the Need for Beauty An enthralling, poetic, and creative meditation on beauty and the important role it plays in our lives.
The Majesty of the Grand Canyon A showcase for the incredible variety of impressions elicited by this national monument's sublime scenery.
Wabi Sabi An elegantly rendered appreciation of this Zen practice of beauty and simplicity.
Heaven in Stone and Glass An appreciation of the meanings inherent in these great houses of God.
Beading – The Creative Spirit An enthusiastic validation of beading as a spiritual art.
A Potter's Companion A salute to the beauty and the bounty of pots -- or any other works -- made by hand.