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In the House of Remembering A poem by Rumi followed by reflections about presence and love.
Pause, Breathe, Smile A Zen teacher's commentary on three marks of reality.
But What If We're Wrong? A joke about the weather that reveals our longing for things to stay the same.
Sacred Time Reflections on mythic time and the end of days.
The Book of Ichigo Ichie The ten rules of Ichigo Ichie to help you be present in every moment.
The World Comes to You A Buddhist teaching on letting go through mindfulness.
The Art of the Wasted Day Musings on a love of loafing -- does it have a future?
Dropping the Struggle Why our presence is the richest gift we can offer ourselves.
Awakening Rodney Smith on how thinking about the future depletes our energy.
Secrets of the Universe Scott Russell Sanders on the responsibility to a place when you are being present.
The future is in your hands!
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