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Final Journeys Maggie Callanan on the necessity for patients and caregivers to listen to their bodies' needs.
The Ecstasy of Surrender Judith Orloff's checklist of intuitive clues including gut feelings, goose bumps, flashes of insight, and intuitive empathy.
Bridge of Waves W. A. Mathieu on listening to music as your friend when you are by yourself.
Discernment Rose Mary Dougherty on discernment as a part of the process of prayer.
The Art of Conversation Catherine Blyth on the joys and benefits of creative conversation.
Wisdom Distilled from the Daily Joan Chittister on the importance of seeking wise direction and listening to the wisdom of others in Benedictine spirituality.
Connecting like Jesus Mary Albert Darling on how the spiritual practice of listening attentively to another person affirms their worth.
Sightings Sam Keen's experience of the symphony of animals and the possibility of deeper listening.
The Other Way to Listen Byrd Baylor's poem about teaching, the environment, and listening.
Risking Everything William Stafford's poem "Ask Me."