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A Candle at Midnight Marcy Heidish on the spiritual practice of vigil-keeping, helpful to anyone seeking awareness of God in dark times.
The Art of Intuition Sophy Burnham on intuition needing the spurs of silence and solitude.
The Language of Life Donald Hall's poem "White Apples" on listening.
Grieving With Grace A poem by Jessica Powers about responding to, or listening to, the Holy Spirit.
Turning to One Another Margaret J. Wheatley on the importance and value of the spiritual practice of listening in bringing about change in the post-modern world.
The Intuitive Writer Gail Sher on qualities of listening.
SQ Danah Zohar and Dr. Ian Marshall on listening for our inner truth.
The Secret Language of Signs Denise Linn on listening to the messages that are always coming to us.
Inviting God In Rabbi David Aaron on listening for and to revelations.
Risking Everything William Stafford's poem "Ask Me."