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Ways to Go Beyond and Why They Work Rupert Sheldrake on how sports can have spiritual effects.
Hop, Skip, Jump A creative resource packed with ideas that will take you to places not usually on your map.
8 Habits of Love Ed Bacon on how play brings out the joy of others.
The Green Hour Todd Christopher on why families that play together outdoors are happier and healthier.
Earth & Word Elizabeth Bettenhausen with a story about how we might live justly and humbly with all of God's creation.
Games for the Soul The whole world plays with Spirit in a thousand delightful ways.
Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy Yitzhak Buxbaum with a teaching story on humor and play.
Creative Journal Writing Stephanie Dowrick on how and why to write about nothing in your journal.
Laugh Your Way to Grace A helpful and hopeful book on the importance of humor and laughter in the spiritual life.
One Hundred Names for Love Diane Ackerman on her husband's loss as a wordsmith and extremely playful man.