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The Calm Center A poem recommending the spiritual practice of embracing strangeness.
Air William Bryant Logan on air as a mystery and wonder.
Love Poems from God Meister Eckhart's poem "How Then Can We Argue?"
Song of the Universe Richard H. Goodwin's poem about the wonder of soil.
The Cathedral of the World Forrest Church on the challenge is to reboot our lives until wonder becomes more prevalent.
Abraham Joshua Heschel Abraham Joshua Heschel on faith beginning in the mystery of living and of wonder.
Love & Death Forrest Church's prayer of gratitude for Christmas Eve.
What Are People For? Reveals a fascination with nature's processes.
And Live Rejoicing Huston Smith on why the truly spiritual person is wonder-struck.
Mala of the Heart St. Catherine of Siena's poem about feeling wonder from abundance.