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The Beginner's Guide to Forgiveness A soul-stirring audio presentation filled with wonderful stories about forgiveness.
Touching the Divine A heart-affecting audio retreat on gaining access to your true self.
Seventy Times Seven Explores the connections between this sacred practice and wholeness.
The Power of Radical Forgiveness An unusual and unorthodox explanation of the power of radical forgiveness.
The Energy of Money A nine-hour presentation designed to help individuals achieve enlightened money management.
Change of Heart A touching true story of a public defense attorney who refuses to exclude from her heart the man who murdered her sister.
Forgive for Love Sane and salutary advice on practicing forgiveness to forge a healthy and lasting love relationship.
Comes the Peace A memoir about the spiritual adventures of an American raised in Nepal as a monk and his journey of forgiveness and the search for connections.
Home A companion to the novel Gilead explores familial conflict, the difficulty of forgiveness and the home as a sacred place where anything is possible.
How Good Do We Have to Be? Emphasizes the idea that God's forgiveness enables us to accept our own flaws and the failings of others.