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Loneliness A rounded look at loneliness that reveals its complexity and influence in our public and private lives.
Enlightenment Town A tour of a mecca for 25 religious centers in Crestone, Colorado.
Hearth An anthology by distinguished writers from around the world on the significance of community and place.
Skilled Dialogue A guide to making the most of diversity in dialogue with others.
Dialogue of the Heart A presentation of dialogue of life as a path to better Christian-Muslim relationships around the world.
Inclusivity A cry of the heart for a fresh emphasis on the spirituality of hospitality and inclusiveness in Christian churches.
Handbook of Psychotherapy and Religious Diversity Reasons why mental health professionals should develop competency in the world's religions and spiritual traditions.
This Flowing Toward Me A sensitive and engaging memoir of a sister who has spent 25 years working with refugees and international immigrants.
Tales of Wonder An autobiography, one of the best books of the year, that describes a creative, visionary, edifying, and appealing spiritual adventure.
God's Other Children The spiritual adventures of a Catholic scholar in India where he learns much from the Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists he encounters.