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The Way of Saint Francis A three-hour audio presentation on the five essential teachings of this revered saint.
Walking the Walk Guidance for living with an open heart and mind every day.
Seven Children’s Books on How to Love Your Enemy Resources to help children ages 4 and up learn creative responses to conflict.
In the Sea A beautifully written children's book that explores the ocean and the strange creatures that live there.
Living the Secular Life A chart of the sea change brought on by the "nones", now the fastest religious orientation in the United States.
Jesus Was a Liberal Makes a good case for the revival of progressive Christianity.
Taoism A wise overview of the watercourse way of Taoism.
Conversation Will speak to all those tired of the egocentric posturing and adversarial stance of so much that passes for talk today.
Off the Reservation Salutes the spiritual benefits of mixed ancestry, heritage, and culture.
Beyond the Darkness Sheds light on this middle-class, Oxford-educated Englishman who wound up as a leader of an ashram in India.