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The Politics Industry An incredibly insightful analysis of the U.S. political system and a call for political innovation.
The Bomb A detailed and scary overview of U.S. nuclear strategies and the dangerous crises faced by commanders-in-chiefs.
Losing Reality An analysis of the far-reaching effects of leaders who lust after control of others.
The Bodies in Person A quest to find out more about the civilian casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
Fallout A dramatic and poignant examination of the birth of the Nuclear Age.
Slavery's Long Shadow A sobering examination of lingering racial hatred and violence.
1619 1619 as a challenging year in Jamestown
Worried? Actually good reasons why it's hard to stop worrying in a dangerous world.
Behold, America A well-argued examination of some of the darker sides of American racism, nationalism, and political impotence.
The Hell of Good Intentions A depressing report on the short-sightedness of the American foreign policy establishment.