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Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work on Simplicity A personal retreat on living freely, simply, and from the heart.
Watching the Olympics as a Spiritual Practice Spiritual practices to honor dimensions of the Olympics beyond the competition itself.
The Beauty of Imperfection On wabi-sabi, appreciating the beauty of the imperfect, the humble, the modest, and the unconventional.
Summertime and Living Takes Practice Days 8 -14: Spiritual practices from the world's wisdom traditions as well as in books we've read.
Spiritual Literacy Film Series Short spiritual films to inspire and comfort you during the coronavirus pandemic.
Opening Prayer A prayer for seeing God's image within us.
Add Beauty to Spiritual Practice Examples that enhance your everyday rituals.
A Blessing for Beauty A ceremony to honor beautiful objects.
Clean-up Day Incitement for faith communities to organize a beautification/restoration day.
May Your Prayers Be Beautiful Praying for beautiful prayers