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House Blessings for Epiphany Prayers and rituals for blessing your home on Epiphany or any day.
Keeping Silent at Knoll Farm A poem about one night's experiences to enhance a love of the Earth.
Spiritual Practices for Nature-Deficit Disorder Three practices plus an e-course to help your family reconnect with nature.
Reflections on The Honest Bear A poetic chance to experience being supported by the Earth and her creatures.
An Alphabet of Progressive Christian Spirituality - 8 Practices from Rest in Uncertainty to Spiritual Literacy in this alphabet.
Earth Mother Jamie Sams prayer to truly know the blessings of the earth.
An Appreciative Heart A story about approaching food with love and appreciation.
Fast Fashion or Conscious Clothes? An entreaty to consider the environmental ramifications of your clothing purchases.
Loving the Differences A visualization exercise to help you honor other people's distinct paths.
Joyously Connecting A meditation on Qur'an 2:115.