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Handle Your Things with Care 10 suggestions for honoring our material things for their beauty, expressiveness, and creativity.
House Blessings for Epiphany Prayers and rituals for blessing your home on Epiphany or any day.
Keeping Silent at Knoll Farm A poem about one night's experiences to enhance a love of the Earth.
Spiritual Practices for Nature-Deficit Disorder Three practices plus an e-course to help your family reconnect with nature.
Your Refuge Guidance for creating a place of refuge in your home, and for using it daily.
Transition Towns A catalyst for implementing community cooperation and sustainability measures.
Pick up Litter Motivation to clean up after ourselves and each other.
Exchanging Self with Other A practice for cultivating respect.
A Blessing for Animals A little prayer for the creatures of the world
Keys to Strengthening Mutual Reverence Prizing every feature of your partner.