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We Are One with Each Other An I Am prayer prompted by news of human rights violations in our world.
Recognize the Intention Behind Anger A call for consciousness in response to our feelings of anger.
Deliver Me A brief prayer for deliverance from our own darkness.
Monks & Bandits A warning to be cautious about the images you imprint on your mind.
Strange Thoughts A practice for accepting strange thoughts that come up during prayer time.
The Best & The Worst A story by Guru Mayi about the nature of the worst thing in the world.
Little Renunciations Wisdom about letting go of self-defeating habits.
Both Sides Advice on accepting the play of opposites in our lives.
Get Rid of Negative Energy Tips for dispelling the energy of a difficult day or encounter.
A Boardinghouse of Characters A comparison of our psyche to the range of characters in a boardinghouse.