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Movies about Marriages and Partnerships A collection of films illuminating the many joys and challenges of intimate relationships.
Mantra: Sounds into Silence An edifying and inspirational documentary about the global phenomenon of kirtan music.
Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It All A dynamic documentary about the visionary Vedic scholar who launched the Hare Krishna movement.
Golden Kingdom An elegant spiritual drama about the spiritual journeys of four novice Buddhist monks in Myanmar.
May Allah Bless France! A gritty memoir of a talented young black man who struggles to free himself from a world of crime.
Daughters of Dolma Visits to two Tibetan Buddhist nunneries where girls and women blend tradition with large dollops of the media and the secular world.
The Strange Little Cat A vivid and wonder-inducing example of everyday spirituality during one day in the life of a family in a Berlin apartment.
Films about Ministers, Priests, and Nuns Our 12 picks for best films plus some extras.
Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence An elegant portrait of the life and ministry of Father Thomas Keating, a towering figure on the global spirituality scene.
Jodhaa Akbar An Indian epic, an intimate love story, and an interfaith masterpiece proclaiming that everyone is deserving of respect.