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Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy A look at the lively life of the world's leading expert on Mexican food.
California Typewriter An entertaining documentary about people who love typewriters.
Chicken People A delightful documentary about three show chicken breeders whose enthusiasm is wonderful to behold.
The Paradise TV series about a spirited and creative young woman whose enthusiasm for work is a wonder to behold.
Elsa & Fred Delightful comedy about how an enthusiastic elder draws her depressed 80-year-old neighbor back into the land of the living.
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea Poignant drama about a teenage immigrant from France living in Israel and a Palestinian youth who try to break down the barriers that separate them.
Julie & Julia A charming film that celebrates both culinary creativity and the spiritual practice of enthusiasm.
The Maid (La Nana) A portrait of how an enthusiastic woman brings freshness and novelty into the life of a longtime maid who has sunk into exhaustion and depression.
Happy-Go-Lucky A joyous film about a free spirited enthusiast that will lift your spirits.
The World's Fastest Indian Portrait of an enthusiastic man from New Zealand who proves that age is no impediment to fulfilling his dreams.