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Jirga A powerful story of a soldier seeking forgiveness and to make amends for a war crime in an Afghan village.
The Forgiven A drama about the restorative justice and forgiveness work of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Frantz A heart-affecting and inventive drama about war, grief, forgiveness, and the healing powers of art.
Past Life A sober-minded Israeli film about sibling rivalry, secrets from the past, and the quest to express oneself creatively.
Manchester by the Sea An elegant and spiritually sobering film about the ways in which guilt, loss, isolation, and self-destruction can erode the foundations of our lives.
Secrets of War A touching drama about friendship, trust, and forgiveness in the lives of two adolescents during World War II.
Ricki and the Flash A dramedy about a rock musician seeking to reconcile with the family she left behind to follow her bliss.
Philomena A spiritual drama about the dynamics of faith, forgiveness, hope, and love.
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom An inspiring biodrama about the art of leadership pioneered by Nelson Mandela based on love and forgiveness.
Quartet A meditation on aging and the possibilities for transformation of four retired opera singers in a retirement community.