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Kimi A timely, tense, and ethically rich high-tech thriller.
Worth A substantial film about the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund that addresses whether it is possible to put a price tag on a life.
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood A moving drama about the transformative spiritual practices of Fred Rogers.
A Whale of a Tale A Japanese documentary that returns to the small town featured in The Cove to record the continuing controversy over the killing of dolphins.
Long Shot A raucous and rambunctious rom-com that makes some good points about gender equality.
American Chaos Interviews with Trump supporters in the 2016 Presidential campaign that prove passion beats pragmatism.
Arrival An adventuresome sci-fi thriller about the race to communicate with intelligent alien life to avert disaster.
Seven Songs for a Long Life A touching documentary about the healing powers of music in a hospice setting.
Making Rounds A healing and helpful medical documentary with fresh insights on the importance of the patient-physician relationship.
The Tainted Veil A documentary on opinions swirling around Muslim women wearing the hijab.