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The Art of Being Human: A Portrait of Frederick Franck A fascinating and soul-stirring portrait of the artist, writer, and peace activist.
Albert Schweitzer: Called to Africa An inspiring tribute to an extraordinary humanitarian and his vision of reverence for all life.
Butterfly An inspiring documentary that serves as an initiation rite into a spiritual relationship with the Earth.
From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning A documentary about a South American Indian tribe and their plea for ecological sanity in a time when the earth is being ravaged by so-called civilized people.
La Ofrenda: The Days of the Dead Examines this Mexican ritual in depth.
A Fierce Green Fire A lucid and prophetic documentary that will rekindle your passion for making your small contribution to saving the planet.
Dinner for Schmucks A very funny comedy that also contains some insights on the spiritual exercise of dealing with difficult people.
Arctic Tale An extraordinary documentary that heightens our connection with the lives and destinies of an Arctic polar bear and a walrus.
March of the Penguins An extraordinary French documentary on the lives and habits of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica.
Global Spirit - The Shaman, the Spirit Healer and the Earth Indigenous guests share their experiences and spiritual paths as they talk about harmony with nature.