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The Color Purple A new musical version of the classic story of a Black woman discovering the strength in a community of women.
American Fiction A satire with heart challenging the stereotypes and narrative tropes in Black fiction.
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar An adaptation of a Ronald Dahl story about changing your life and doing the impossible.
The Holdovers A dramedy about three people reframing sadness and loneliness during the holidays.
Full Time A realistic drama about a single mother coping with a possible job change amidst a transit strike.
Master Gardener Story of the transformation of a former White Supremacist through his work in a garden.
Living A well-crafted story about a bureaucrat's spiritual transformation in the face of death.
Carmen A jubilant movie about a middle-aged woman who has spent her life serving the church and finds a new more fulfilling way forward.
Dog A heart-warming story about how a difficult dog and a damaged war veteran transform each other.
Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom A transformative film set in Bhutan about finding happiness and cultivating a good heart.