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Thomas Keating in The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living Let go of our private and limited vision
Carl McColman in 366 Celt Celtic wisdomkeepers consisted of the seers
Thom Rutledge in Embracing Fear Don't let your insights live with you rent free
Rami Shapiro in Minyan Everything happens in order to teach you something
Andrew Harvey in The Return of the Mother Have you seen God?
Rochelle Melander in A Generous Presence Being who God taught us to be is difficult work
Stephen Kendrick in Holy Clues Anything worse than being blind
Christopher Child in The Spirit's Terrain A clear and worthy vision of the desirable future
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in Shadow Dance The intense yet tranquil rapture of a vision
Joseph Rael in House of Shattering Light The capacity for the visionary to come forth