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Queen of Katwe
A celebration of the manifold accomplishments of a young African chess prodigy.
The Reluctant Fundamentalist
An emotionally vibrant story of the scourge of terrorism, the nightmare of fundamentalism and terrible results of xenophobia.
A biodrama about an extraordinary woman aviatrix who followed her passion and blazed a trail for others to do the same.
The Namesake
An astonishing film about a Bengali family and their experiences in Calcutta and Manhattan as they deal with divided loyalties and yearn for love, freedom, and meaning.
Vanity Fair
The official tie-in book with the movie.
Vanity Fair
An exquisite screen adaptation of Thackeray's novel about the poison of envy and the social climber in us all.
Monsoon Wedding
A captivating film that conveys the joy, sadness, fear, envy, and resentment that often come to the surface at weddings.
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love
Celebrates women's sexuality as a liberating and healing force.
Mississippi Masala
Challenges us to add more respect and tolerance to America's cultural stew of many colors.
Salaam Bombay!
A remarkable Indian film with a harrowing portrait of the deprivations endured by a hungry and homeless boy.