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Spiritual Divorce Debbie Ford on the never-ending nature of relationships.
Birthday of Reinhold Niebuhr (PDP) Learning from the theologian, professor, and ethicist who wrote the Serenity Prayer.
Beautiful Boy An informative and important drama about a family coping with the effects of crystal meth addiction.
Anniversary of the Founding of Alcoholics Anonymous A tribute to the practical spirituality of Alcoholics Anonymous on the anniversary of its founding: with reflections and practices.
The Peacemaker Fascinating documentary on a Don Quixote peacemaker trying to bring healing to a war-torn world.
Melody Beattie in Seasons of Grace Gratitude enhances past, present, and future.
Brian L. in Meeting Wisdom Character defects you see in others often mirror your own.
Thomas Keating in Divine Therapy & Addiction It's worthwhile to question our motives, even for noble acts.
Karen Casey in All We Have Is All We Need Acting as if we are kind strengthens our ability to be kind.
12-Step Spirituality Curated content of our resources on 12-Step Spirituality.Study and Practice to: Acknowledge the limits of your own power, especially in the realm of addictions Be willing to break free of consideri…