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Awaken Every Day A reflection upon the benefits we receive from our interactions with others.
I Pray For A More Loving Human Family The Dalai Lama's prayer for a more loving human family.
Cultivating Compassion An accessible how-to guide with exercises to transform the mind and heart.
The Compassion Book Kernels of wisdom to practice in daily life.
May I Too Abide A heartfelt wish to be a means of happiness, joy, and freedom from suffering for all beings.
Welcoming the Unwelcome Pema Chodron on using the phrase "just as it is" as an antidote to dualistic thinking.
Welcoming the Unwelcome A wise and practical guide to developing a heart and mind open to all experiences.
Little Renunciations Wisdom about letting go of self-defeating habits.
The Eminently Trainable Mind Explanation of a Buddhist way to train the mind to be kind.
Friendliness and Giggles A teaching story about the Dalai Lama's joy.