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Painting Peace A Zen artist and poet's testimonies on peace.
Return to Stillness Illustrates the difficulties we all have with the rigorous discipline of practice.
Arthur Asa Berger in The Courage to Laugh Comedians as Zen Masters
Keep Me in Your Heart a While A Zen student's fretting about picking up a newspaper for ego reasons.
Keep Me in Your Heart a While An overview of Zen practice as taught by Dainin Katagiri, founder of the Minnesota Zen Center.
As You Grieve Aaron Zerah with a Zen story of grieving in community.
Less A timely and practical resource for those addicted to busyness.
Mindful Eating Jan Chozen Bays on knowing when it is not the body but the heart that is asking to be fed.
The Zen of Helping Recommends the spiritual principles that lie behind the Zen of helping others.
The Golden Age of Zen A poem by Fa-yen touching on the spiritual practices of peace and mystery.