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Circle of the Way Ken Arnold's soulful responses to the stone sculptures of Noguchi in Japan.
The Old Tea Seller A poem by seventeenth century Zen priest, poet, and tea seller Baisao (collected by Norman Waddell) about silence.
Deep Down Things Lin Jensen on how the Earth itself invites us to see everything as kin.
Less Marc Lesser on how routines connect us to something larger than ourselves.
Untrain Your Parrot and Other No Nonsense Instructions on the Path of Zen Elizabeth Hamilton on understanding and entering into your fears.
Keep Me in Your Heart a While A Zen student's fretting about picking up a newspaper for ego reasons.
Jake Fades A juicy Zen novel about teachers, sex and letting go.
The Zen of Helping Andrew Bein on bowing as a practice with a mindful attention, to detail and the blending of opposites.
The Sacred Art of Bowing Explains the sacred art of bowing in Zen Buddhism.
The Golden Age of Zen A poem by Fa-yen touching on the spiritual practices of peace and mystery.